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What We Do

We create opportunities, support, promote and ensure Arab athletes’ representation in international sport events and the Olympics. 

Working in both the sports and community development context, the Arab Canadian Sports Association coordinates with sports organizations in 22 Arab countries with its local sports leaders such as Coaches and Managers to deliver programs in all 10 provinces in Canada. Our programs incorporate a unique methodology that uses programs and activities that impact the athletes’ performance as follows:

1. Co-ordinate with Arab sports organizations: Our programs foster the physical, cognitive and social development of athletes to teach important values and life skills. 

2. Co-ordinate with Canadian sports organizations: We understand the Canadian Sport culture and regulations, and are therefore able to facilitate the training of newcomer athletes and help them develop their skills.

3. Organize events and sports activities: The Arab Canadian Sports Association organizes fund raising activities and events to support athletes living in Canada and abroad.

4. Ensure Arab athletes’ development and participation: We work in partnership with Canadian coaches and sports leaders, in order to create a positive change for Arab athletes living in Canada and to have a sustainable impact.

5. Olympic Games ParticipationThe Arab Canadian Sports Association works with the National Olympic Committees in countries around the world to support the training of athletes living in Canada and help their participation in championships, as well as facilitating their participation in qualification events to the Olympics.

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