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Executive Members

Why become an Executive Member 

  • Develop and manage community activities with the approval of ACSA Board of Directors

  • Choose the recipient of the annual Top Arab Athlete Award from those who have contributed to the community. 

  • Assign technical committees and other related committees from active ACSA Executive members.

  • The term of the committees will end on December 31st of every year
  • Develop, manage and operate fundraising activities (Gala dinners, Social meetings … etc)

  • Coordinate with ACSA President and staff to assure success of events

  • Executive Advisory Board meetings are to be recorded, filed and reported to ACSA Board of Directors

  • ACSA Board of Directors are welcome to attend the Executive Advisory Board meetings

How long is the term of the elected Advisory Executive Board?

The term of ACSA Advisory Executive 
is one yearStarting from the beginning of the year and ending on December 31
every year.

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